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About Us

We are  a group of dedicated agents geared towards  helping our clients achieve their goal of home ownership or complete their goal of relocation and selling their home with the utmost integrity.  We have been in the real estate industry for over 25 years. We  are very well versed in the current  market of  Short Sale,  Foreclosure, and Construction.

Amongst our agents are a licensed general contractor and custom home builder, NMLS certified loan officers, and highly skilled short sale agents and commercial listing and loan agents. We know our market and the best programs for your situation. 

We can have you qualified in less than an hour so you will know exactly what your payment and purchase price should be.  Our team of  experienced agents are here and ready to give you the best service and advice possible.  You will be provided with immediate and up to date information of homes and properties for sale upon immediate listing of a property. 

 Tri Valley Lending

Integrity First Realty is affiliated with  Tri Valley Lending.  They are very experienced in residential and commercial loans.  Quick and easy to qualify, and they will have you ready to buy in no time.  Get a free quote  and they will be happy to tell you about all of the different loan  programs that are available for you.  Not all lenders are alike!

100% USDA HOME LOAN                       HELOC - HOME EQUITY

99.50% FHA LOANS                                 INVESTMENT PROPERTY

100% VA                                                    COMMERCIAL PROPERTY

97% CONVENTIONAL                             JUMBO LOANS

HARP                                                         SECOND HOMES                            


So many loans from which to choose, let the experts at
Tri Valley Lending help you with your home loan needs.

Not sure if you should be buying a home?
If you were to pay $1,400/mo rent, in 30 years you would have spent $504,000

RENT                                                                                              BUY

No interest payment deductions                                                  Deductions for your mortgage interest paid

Rental amount my increase at any time                                     Mortgage payments could be fixed

Landlord approval needed for any changes                                Decorate and make changes without prior approval

No capitalization; your money disappears forever                    The value of your property may increase in time

Rental is temporary and is often subject                                     Your house will become a home, not a temporary 

   to 30 day's notice                                                                               living situation; you are not at the mercy of a landlord                      

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